Fortnite Vaults Aspects of the Gods


Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is Myths and Mortals. It’s A season where we experience the godly powers of the Greek Pantheon, or it was for its opening month. Today Epic has vaulted the Aspects of the Gods items! They are pretty much the main item and selling point of the season, so what gives? It’s a move to spare the loot pool from too much crowding over the coming weeks.

The most recent Fortnite update has added quite a few more items into the game. The loot pool is looking pretty full. To avoid every player having an inventory entirely of Mythics, the Aspects of the gods are gone for a limited time. When are they coming back to the game?

Fortnite Aspects of the Gods

Source: Epic Games

Aspects of the Gods Removed in Latest Update

The newest Fortnite update has brought the Avatar items into the game. We’ve now got three extra mythics kicking around. These all have completely unique powers and most are a bit more intresting than the waterbending we’ve had for a week already. Although, it does mean the C5 mythics pile was getting crowded.

We have all the standard Fortnite weapons. However, the bending mythics would be joining the god powers for a complicated loot pool. Players could have a five-slot loadout without a single gun in it fairly easily. Seemingly to avoid this problem, Epic has decided to remove the Aspects of the gods.

A few items this season are classed as Aspects. These are the Lightning Bolts, the Chain of Hades, and the Wings. These are going to be missed by quite a few players. What’s particularly confusing though is when they’re coming back.

When are the Aspects of the Gods Coming Back?

The seasonal Mythics are getting returned to the game when the Avatar items go. However, the current Fortnite schedule makes that a bit of a weird time. That’s going to be the beginning of May.

We know we’re getting the crazy Star Wars Fortnite collab back the day after the Aspects of the Gods come back. This is going to mean we’re again filled with mythics! It’s a bit confusing that the Avatar mythics are overload, but the Star Wars ones are going to be fine.

Whatever the reasoning, the Aspects of the Gods are going to be gone for the next few weeks. It’ll be a chance for players to get to grips with these new Avatar items instead

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