Full Details of FNCS Global Championship 2024 Announced


We’re already mid-way through the FNCS 2024, with players getting ready for the next Major. However, we’ve only just had the details of our end of year LAN confirmed. Epic has announced the full set-up for the international event that will close out 2024 for competitive Fortnite. Contrary to what most believed in the build-up, we’re not returning to Copenhagen like last year. Instead, the FNCS Global Championship 2024 will be taking place in Fort Worth Texas.

This new LAN was confirmed at the start of the year. We’ll have individual season Majors through the year. The top players in each region will lock in their slots for the LAN. This will ensure we’re only getting the best Fortnite players at this event. They’ll all come together in Texas to compete in a single lobby, to find the champion for Chapter 5 of Fortnite.

FNCS Global Championship 2024

Source: Epic Games

FNCS Global Championship 2024 Gets Full Details Confirmed

The Global Championship has just had its most important details confirmed. We know its location, where fans can gather to watch the event. The tournament will feature a full prize pool of $2 million. That’s huge, especially considering the prizes those who qualified will already have won.

We don’t get a whole lot of LANs for Fortnite. The Battle Royale needs 100 players for each game, so online is how Epic hosts most of these events. The FNCS is really the grandest tournament in Fortnite esports, where we get something that’s truly international.

Getting our first details for the competition will definitely get people hyped for this tournament. The second Major of Chapter 5 will begin soon, likely with even more eyes on it now we know where it’s all heading. The tournament will feature at the Dickies Arena. Majors 1, 2, and 3 will all decide some players attending. The last two majors have a lot more slots though, weighting things towards strong performance.

The current build of the game is definitely in an intresting place for competitive. We’ll have to see what the future seasons like look in the coming months though. We’ll likely be somewhere very different by the time of the FNCS Global Championship 202.

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