PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Grand Final – Faze vs. Navi


The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 continues to deliver on all fronts – a packed-out arena, stacked playoff bracket, and, most importantly, exhilarating Counter-Strike action. With only one game left to play, fans worldwide are in for a treat, as FaZe and NAVI go at it in another Major Grand Final and find out who gets to wear the crown in CS2.

Navi PGL

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren / PGL

FaZe Defeated Their Demons

Due to FaZe getting through the Elimination Stage with a 3-2 record, they had a low seed coming into the playoffs. That’s why they got matched up against Spirit as soon as the quarter-finals.

Despite having lost five maps in a row against the Russians, including a devastating 0-3 defeat in the IEM Katowice Grand Final, karrigan and his men dug deep and outlasted their rivals in a truly exceptional three-map series.

Then they were faced with an equally tough challenge – the defending Major Champions and their other kryptonite, Team Vitality.

The Bees defeated FaZe the last two times they met, with both games being Grand Finals. But once again, FaZe learned from their previous shortcomings and crafted the perfect game plan to finally overcome Vitality on the big stage. Now, there’s only one hurdle left.

NAVI Continues to Deliver Without s1mple

Before the Major, not many people had NAVI going to the playoffs of the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024. But now they find themselves only one game away from lifting the inaugural CS2 Major trophy. A lot of their success has to be attributed to their coach and in-game leader duo – B1ad3 and Aleksib. The pair seem to be a perfect match and know how to get the best out of their pieces.

Although truth be told, they might not have even made it to the playoffs without jL. The Lithuanian rifler has ascended to another level in Copenhagen. He delivered several carry performances and dragging NAVI over the line multiple times. However, the rest of the team needs to step up and help jL, because his heroics alone will not prevail over FaZe’s combined firepower and overall quality.

While NAVI has done incredibly well to get to the PGL Copenahgen Major 2024 Grand Final, FaZe’s big game prowess and experience in high-pressure situations make them the more likely candidate to come out victorious and leave Copenahgen as two-time Major Champions and the inaugural CS2 Major Champions.

It’s safe to say fans’ and players’ spirits can’t be crushed easily and the community came together to condemn protesters that stormed the stage during the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 quarterfinals. Everyone will be hoping for a smooth game and some excellent Counter-Strike.

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