Camogie Association Unveils Comprehensive Strategy for 2024-27

Camogie Association Unveils Comprehensive Strategy for 2024-27


Camogie Association has launched their Strategic Plan for the period 2024-2027. Aptly titled “Our Game, Our Passion,” this strategic blueprint, crafted in collaboration with Leading Sport, charts an ambitious course for the next three years.

Central to its formulation is the extensive “Research Baseline for Camogie” study conducted by the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, providing invaluable insights into the game’s landscape.

Key Objectives for 2024-2026: Elevating Camogie to New Heights

Increasing Attendance: Aiming for a remarkable 20% surge in attendance at camogie fixtures by 2026, culminating in an All-Ireland final with a crowd of 50,000 by 2026.
Expanding Membership: Fostering growth in membership and club numbers by an impressive 10% over the course of the strategic plan.
Capacity Building: Enhancing the capacity of coaches, referees, and volunteers through comprehensive education and development programs.

Insights from the Research Baseline for Camogie Study

The baseline research study provides a comprehensive understanding of the current state of camogie while shedding light on its priorities, challenges, and opportunities. Some noteworthy findings from the study include:

Positive Club Experience: An overwhelming majority of respondents expressed satisfaction with their club experience, highlighting friendliness and convenient locations. Additionally, the report underscores the importance of addressing concerns related to playing time at underage levels.
Membership Influences: Personal relationships, particularly parental influence, emerge as significant factors in club membership, with familial ties playing a pivotal role in shaping individuals’ engagement with Gaelic Games.
Volunteer Engagement: While current volunteer engagement is commendable, there exists untapped potential within the player community to bolster volunteer numbers, with emphasis placed on diversifying and expanding the volunteer base.
Identified Barriers: Work and family commitments, along with participation in other sports and activities, emerge as primary barriers hindering volunteer engagement, signaling the need for targeted strategies to address these challenges.
Integration and Celebration: Anticipation surrounding integration efforts underscores a collective desire to resolve fixture conflicts and elevate the sport’s profile, with particular emphasis placed on commemorating the forthcoming 120th Anniversary of the Camogie Association in 2024.

Uachtarán Hilda Breslin’s Perspective

In her address during the plan’s launch, Uachtarán Hilda Breslin underscored the significance of member feedback in shaping the Association’s priorities and aspirations for the coming years. She emphasized the imperative of nurturing the sport’s development to ensure its enduring legacy as a premier female field sport deeply ingrained within Irish culture and history.

David Barrett’s Insights

David Barrett, Research Fellow at the Sport Industry Research Centre, echoed sentiments of optimism, affirming that the patterns and trends elucidated in the report offer reassurance regarding camogie’s sustainable future. He stressed the importance of addressing prevailing challenges to secure the sport’s long-term viability and prosperity.

As the Camogie Association embarks on this transformative journey outlined in their Strategic Plan 2024-2027, guided by rigorous research and unwavering passion, the stage is set for a future defined by growth, inclusivity, and celebration of the rich heritage of camogie.

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