WoW SoD Phase 4 – Everything We Know

WoW SoD Phase 4 – Everything We Know


Here is everything we know about WoW SoD Phase 4. Learn what is in store for the 4th Phase of World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery.

World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery might be one of the coolest things Blizzard has ever done with World of Warcraft Classic. A pleasant slow burn through a world we are already familiar with but with new tricks up its sleeve.

So here is everything we could find out about the upcoming 4th Phase of the Season of Discovery and what Blizzard has in store for you.

WoW SoD Phase 4 Speculation and What to Expect

With Phase 4 of Season of Discovery, we’re expected to hit the level 60 level cap of classic. That doesn’t mean your journey will end there though. There are still revamped versions of the Classic Raid’s left to tackle and who knows what else Blizzard is coming up with.

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Molten Core Re-Run

As previously mentioned, the next Raid will be a revamped version of Molten Core. Initially, Blizzard had considered making the 40-player version the only one in the game but since Season of Discovery has been structured around 10 and now 20-player groups so far, they intend to keep it at the 20-player groups for now.

The difficulty will be adjusted for 20 players but expect this raid to be as breezy as the original with some adjusted health pools to adjust for player skill. It’s still in the air if the 1-week lockout that was implemented with Phase 3 will stick around and or if Blizzard will keep the boosted loot rates from Sunken Temple.


We don’t know yet what kind and how many runes will be part of Phase 4. Since there are still slots left to slot up, we expect Shoulder and Back Runes to be implemented next. There might also be a chance Blizzard is going for Weapon Runes next which allows a level 60 ultimate ability of some kind that’ll suit your Classes playstle.

As always, expect these to be found as part of the leveling process during increasingly cryptic quests. We’ll of course have a full guide on them as soon as Phase 4 drops.

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Image: Blizzard

Changes to Weapon Skill Bonuses

One of the bigger changes coming to WoW’s Season of Discovery is that the new Weapon Skills won’t stack with racial boni. From the start Blizzard was very clear that they don’t want players to minimize every single aspect of their gameplay.

Instead, there’ll be a way to gain a +5 for two weapons skills of your choosing via other means. This passive boni will even apply if the player switches between weapons in an instance.

Priest Spells

Another huge change is the way Priest’s racial spells will be handled in Phase 4. Sticking with their philosophy of avoiding racially specific abilities, all Priest will be able to learn all the racial spells. Even those from another faction. How that’ll exactly work, we don’t know but Blizzard has hinted in the past that it’ll involve new questlines and stories.

Level 60 Itemization and Gear

As for gear, Phase 4 and onwards will continue the trend of giving players the option to play their character the way they want. For example, there’ll be dedicated “offspec” sets throughout the three raid tiers, and all the level 60 gear will be completely revamped and returned to suit the new class balance.

There’ll be more options in terms of Best in Slot Professions once players reach level 60 and hopping in between specializations will be made much easier. In that vein, you can also expect new types of gear specifically made for the Rogue Tank.

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Image: Blizzard

Money Sinks

Last but not least, Blizzard has talked extensively about adding endgame money sinks to World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. As more players reach the endgame and accumulate money, it’ll become harder for the economy to remain stable. Basic consumables could soon cost an arm and a leg if everyone’s suddenly rich.

These will likely come in the form of mounts, cosmetics, and so on but we’ll have more on that once Season of Discovery Phase 4 lands.

Season of Discovery Phase 4 Release Date

As for the release date, there is no official window yet, but going by the current trend of releasing a major update every 3 months, you can expect Phase 4 to land somewhere between July/August depending on Blizzard’s other plan. After all both Cataclysm Classic and The War Within are expected to launch this year.

For more on World of Warcraft Season of Discovery and everything you could possibly want to know about World of Warcraft, make sure to check out our dedicated section right here on ESTNN.


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