Reading and Charlton fans throw items at each other and get into pathetic scrap

Reading and Charlton fans throw items at each other and get into pathetic scrap

Video footage has emerged showing Reading and Charlton fans taking to throw items at each other and get into a pathetic scrap.

A Twitter user captured the footage of the fight at a retail park, with the caption: “Was trying to get a cheeky double cheeseburger then I look the my right and see this: Reading and Charlton fans.

“Reading fans were swearing at them, Charlton fan kicked their car, then shook hands. Then proceeded to fight.”

It wasn’t just away from the ground that saw trouble of some sort, as in the stands at the Select Car Leasing Stadium on Saturday afternoon, fans goaded each other.

Twitter users reacted after seeing Reading and Charlton fans throw items at each other and get into a pathetic scrap…

@harvfullglass: One in red is who wound the Reading fans up at halftime which started all the coins etc

@ValleyFloydFred: Absolute state of both fans 🤣

@smithy2316: That geezer in the red was battered and an absolute wally. Stood near him for 70 minutes and his drivel was doing my head in. Then tried cue jumping at the bar and was trying to talk to me to get a pint quicker. His mates weren’t much better either tbf

@AdBartTheSecond: FFS. To be fair that’s the kind of shit I used to do when I was younger after a few beers and a defeat! 🤣

@ant78mufc: Fuckin TK Maxx Massive 😂

@JimDunn71: The two guys in red obviously haven’t had a fight before in their life. Fair play to the hairy one for at least trying to help his mate out though.

@Coffeeandshirts: Don’t think much of the football factory remake.

@Niall_Burke26: Hahahaha do those two lads just have a chat and a stand off when the camera goes off them?

@1984king: That number 9 was giving it all sorts in the ground, absolute idiots the lot of them.

@DontEatBats: Flashback to the terraces of the 80/90s, brutal stuff this

@Thomas_Knapper: Embarrassing

@Mark777Mark: Think number 9 was fouling his man there

@Antni_b: Is the one with the shit blossoms hair that looks like a cross between a rough bird and lewis capaldi the same one that was giving it large in the ground? 😆

@Bernies_Wknd: We lost here as well, bad day all round

@NickedRe: They make their parents so proud, every day …

The game itself marked a disappointing start for Nathan Jones as he made his return to management with Charlton, ending in defeat against Reading.

Despite a fortunate first half that saw Charlton still level at the break, Reading managed to break the deadlock in the second half with Femi Azeez scoring two goals in just 10 minutes.

Although Charlton showed more attacking intent in the second half, they were unable to find the back of the net.

This defeat adds to Charlton’s already poor form, as they had not won in their previous 12 league games. In contrast, Reading had only lost twice in their last 14 outings.

Reading now go into the midweek fixtures sitting 18th in the League One table with 34 points after 31 games (4 points deducted), while Charlton are 20th with 31 points from 31 games, level on points with Port Vale who sit directly below them in the relegation zone.

Reading boss Ruben Selles said: “It was a difficult game for us, it’s always difficult when the team changes their Manager in the week. It took us ten to twelve minutes to get up to speed in the game and then the rest of the game we were competing and on top, so I’m very happy with the performance from the boys and very happy for them because they worked so hard to get the three points.

“It’s always about the team, the team is always putting him (Azeez) in good situations to score. We are working to be direct in the final third and Amadou is working to improve his throwing and at the end of the day we are trying to put the players in the best positions to express themselves. Femi has that kind of finishing within him and we created that for him because of the team.

“When you start a project like we have started and you go through the situations we have been going through everything takes time. Sometimes you can accelerate the process and sometimes the process is what it is. The club and the players took in the project when we were in the difficult month of October and we came back from that and learned as a team, we learned together, and we got good performances after that period.

“(I said to the team) that football is today. What we did in the past only reaffirms the idea that we can compete in football matches but nothing is going to differ tomorrow. Today is a good day, we have the victory and we need to enjoy it, and tomorrow we will have recovery and Monday we’ll be preparing for the Fleetwood game. This is football and the message is to take one thing at a time and keep working hard.

“We work as a unit and we work as a team. Everyone is helping to support the team and delivering everything they can. The players who are playing are giving 100% and the players who are stepping in and the players not in the squad are helping us and the staff are taking care of them. It’s teamwork and everyone is giving their best.

“We know Fleetwood from the time that they played here, they had just changed the Manager and we saw what they were doing. Our big day to prepare is tomorrow, we will sit together and prepare the game plan and tactics for that game.

“I think the fans have been exceptional home and away. At the away games they have been sold out almost the entire season with us. We need all the support that they can give us and we will do our best to get the three points and put on a performance on Tuesday – lets do it together.”

Charlton boss Nathan Jones said: “I’m disappointed with the goals. Both of the goals come from the long throw. We talked about it. We’ve not done our defensive disciplines well and if you don’t keep clean sheets then you won’t win enough games. So that’s the disappointing thing.

“I’ve learned a lot today, that’s the important thing. I had four days with them, I saw a lot of good things and I’m finding out about each individual day in, day out. I’ve learned a lot more today.

“Never mind what you do in training and what you see in their comfort zone. What you see today, you then learn from that. Normally you can learn in preseason. We can’t, we haven’t got that luxury.”

The gaffer did concede, though, that they need to learn those lessons fast: “What we have to do is make sure we start getting points because we can’t let this form continue because it will cost us.”

“I thought Harry was excellent today,” he said when asked about the goalkeeper’s return to the side. “I know him, and we haven’t kept a clean sheet so sometimes you change stuff to try and find a solution.”

The boss concluded with a message to the fans: “I’m disappointed for them because they wanted to come and see a performance and a result today.

“They didn’t get to see that, but look, it’s four days in to something, so what they have to do is stay positive and stay with the team and we’ll get better.”

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